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  • Some quick updates from the global markets and the India S400 deal.



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    John Gianiris says:

    Very good video! IMO, maybe the world is tired of US bulling for the past 100 years. Maybe the world feels it's time for a new world power!

    John Benson says:

    Saudi bought S400's if you remember the famous escalator failure of the king coming off his plane in Moscow; I'm sure the technology eventually ended up being looked at by US.

    Beme Eddbee says:

    The truth is offensive….. Thank you for being offensive 👍😎

    title10 says:

    Have they not played Risk or any other civilization game? I wouldn't be surprised if Russia is taking a hit on sales in order to build a friendship.

    jorge sotomayor says:

    Keep waiting for the supposed Trump's 4d or 5d chess. All of them are one and the same. He was swallowed by the same swamp that he he vow to drain.

    twowitnesses says:

    The crash will come soon enough.On the arms deal, is the U.S planning on taking on the whole world? Pinky and the brain thinking. Thank you JS

    Jim Borowy says:

    Thank you for telling this very unpopular truth, there are no political parties. It has all been faked and good conservative people have been taken in the process. I have been holding for some time that ther is a set-up of democrats and republicans. The truth is beneath this. When our country does not recognize the goodness of God and instead push their own morality that same sex "marriage" is a better idea than His, it does not matter what president we have.

    EndGame WW3 says:

    Thanks buddy!

    Verene Kerst says:

    Has anyone heard about the shut down of the internet for 48hrs world wide?

    Null Gl1tch says:

    Johnny they're censoring you hardcore now along with every other alt-media on here. Crazy this is starting to get this way

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