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  • Update on Camp fire in Butte County, California

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  • Officials in Butte County, CA provide an update on the deadly Camp fire in northern California.

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    Fabrice Grard says:

    Pray for them from France

    Grey Lowe says:

    Thank you for the report and work you do

    Savage Cupcake says:

    Please be peaceful with one another it’s hard enough to see this happening in California but I cannot believe I see people cursing at each other people please pray for one another you were created by God life is precious God Bless you everyone God bless our nation Jesus is love ❤️

    Xochi Pilli says:

    Stop eating carcasses you flesh eating apes

    Louielamson2000 Tran Nguyen says:

    Unfortunately, this is a sadness for the Citizen's of California. Consequently, and who is blamed for this devastating.

    AARON FRANK Kingdomsgate says:

    Thank you for your service .I can't imagine how much has been destroyed.I was Born there.

    mkmason2002 says:

    Testing weather weapons? Callie, 24 earthquakes in one day, massive wildfires and ten of thousands of illegals coming to a town near you.

    Ngawang Doongtso says:

    God bless everyone n stay peaceful 😭😭😭

    Jordie says:

    how many people are thirty two twenty three people?

    hello hun says:

    I was hoping someone would ask about DEW attacks,and HAARP so as to make them look like a fool. You tube and its conspiracy channels are responsible for this nonsense.

    Rennie Helder says:

    The day of the Lord is at hand. God bless everyone. Amen

    K. Stevens says:

    Prayers for everyone, humans and animals.

    hello hun says:

    I wonder how manny totally deaf people are in the audience. I don't know any deaf people and have never. I am 68.

    MultiMicelle says:

    dry and windy doesnt start a fire….. we are under attack folks

    Tony truth says:

    I wonder why this is happening in County, California ?

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