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  • S&W Shield Long Slide, New US Army SMG, CMP 1911 Update – TGC News!

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  • This week on TGC News, Jon Patton is talking about the new S&W Shield Long Slide, the New US Army SMG, and a CMP 1911 Update!

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    ● Ruger Security 9 Compact
    – https://ruger.com/products/security9/specSheets/3818.html

    S&W Performance Center M2.0 Shield long slide
    – https://www.smith-wesson.com/performance-center
    – its a simple break down, 3 models, 3 calibers each.

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    Ozark Yeoman says:

    Smart move with the long slide Shield. Get a magguts +2 kit and you've got 10 rounds and a full length barrel in a thinner profile.

    nmmang says:

    "Single payer" Ammo top 3:
    Barrett M107a1 50BMG
    M1A/SOCOM .308
    10mm pistol (Glock20/40, XDM10, Colt Delta Elite)

    Mark Figueroa says:

    6.5 Grendel my own dmr build
    .50 Beowulf

    1Kontrolr says:

    If all ammo cost the same amount I would own a lot of 9mm glock mag fed weapons. Fun to shoot and easy to load… wait that's reality.

    D Bod says:

    My gut says they should stick with the M4 carbine for personal security details. The first time they get into a medium range fight, they will wish they had something with more range to it. Plus when the nearest friendly shows up to aide them and has extra ammo…its not going to be 9mm.

    OregonShooter says:

    The ATF has defined (for decades?) the length that arbitrarily separates a concealable firearm from a non-concealable firearm at 26". If over, VFG (which IMO is better than an angled one) is good to go. The debate surrounds the measurement point on the back end. Extended or collapsed? All the letters I've seen are to measure with the brace extended. This makes sense, as an underfold AK falls under the OAL requirements for a rifle with the stock folded.

    Shawn Gao says:

    9mm, 300 BLK, 6.5 Creedmoor

    Jared Thompson says:

    Hopefully it lowers the costs for b&t guns

    onenikkione says:

    "get off your rear ends and go do something" I think your response only scratched the surface and that you should have been a little more specific about what we need to be doing.  I say that only because I feel that many pro-guners don't have the 1st clue as to how to go about being pro-active.  Look at groups like moms demand action, every town for gun safety, or mayors against illegal guns (yes they are well funded) but they are organized and are very active.  If we don't do the same, we will continue to lose ground until……….who knows what.

    Mark Kodra says:

    10mm pistol
    260 Remington rifle AR-10&bolt gun
    375 H&H rifle big game bolt gun

    Ricardo Justiniano says:

    .308,7.62mm and 9mm

    Nicholas Carreon says:

    50 AE armor piercing for pistol
    300 BLK subsonic for rifle suppression
    50 BMG explosive tip for long range

    mikemorrison12 says:

    For the last question….1) any rifle in .338 lapua. 2) Barrett .50. 3) AR in .50 Beowulf

    Crow's Bridge says:

    I'm more of an original RB6 fan.

    Nathan Iverson says:

    Would dd be included if so I'd go with a bofers

    Derek Starkey says:

    LMG, GPMG, HMG….

    Brandonn S. says:

    Waiting for the PDW prices to drop, I can buy a 5.56/.223 in pistol form for way less than the 9mm platforms… Crazy!

    Edgar Garcia says:

    why is there an impeach Trump had on TMP I'm pretty sure you guys didn't want that ad on there

    nick emerson says:

    I'm gonna have to look into that mini ruger security 9 as a car/truck gun.

    Jim S says:

    Well I for one was excited to get a 1911 via the CMP program but when I saw the prices and some pictures and descriptions for them I said, "No Thank You"! So, purchasing one via the CMP and reselling them, to me, does not sound like a profitable venture, so if you can…. go for it….. there's a seat for every ass. I don't think the program has any right to say what a person can or cannot do with their property.

    Payton Woodruff says:

    It would make to much sense for the military to watch civilians test it guns. All you would have to do is watch MAC test the B&T to realize it was a good choice.

    Fuzzy Panda says:

    guessing California didn't give a shit that mag bans were unconstitutional?

    Leethal W says:

    Great episode Jon 👍 .45, .308, and .50 for sure

    montaramike says:

    Barret 50 BMG, Desert Eagle 50AE, Smith and Wesson 629 44 MAG

    Joshua French says:

    500 s&w, .338 Lupa and 50 BMG

    Deadeye1983 says:

    I would have liked to see PTR just because it's made here but the B&T is awesome.

    Robert Walker says:

    All ammo the same price, choice #1 20mm oerlikon

    montaramike says:

    I bought a Ruger Security 9 for my nephew. He and I love that gun. It is a great value and a great firearm IMO.

    grady719 says:

    10mm and 6.5 creedmoor!!

    mechredd says:

    Thank you God for giving someone in the Army's weapons procurement program the wisdom to not buy a $600 gun for $3000 from Hates Kustomers.

    I like that Smith is offering a longer slide for their shields, however I'd like to see more mid-size framed single stack pistols from multiple manufacturers. The Bersa BP9CC is a very nice size but Bersa doesn't have the best reputation for quality. I think I'd rather have the Bersa than the Kahr though, same quality but half the price and a better trigger.

    As for the friendly fire question, ammo price doesn't really bother me much. Gun price does. There are several guns out there that I want but can't afford. There are so super expensive big bore stuff that is like, such as .416 barret, but it's recoil is such that I probably wouldn't shoot it much anyway. If I could get high end match grade .308 or 6.5 creedmore for the price of low quality bulk .223, I'd definitely shoot those guns more. I'd probably just upgrade all of my ammo to match grade if prices were the same. I went from 3 moa to 5/8 moa in my AR15 just from switching to higher quality ammo.

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