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  • RKTNN Daily News Update July 11th 2017 Illegal Immigration

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  • Daily news report on illegal immigration in America and the truth with fake news, Google and news.
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    Stephen Herron says:


    Keith Bennett says:

    You speak the truth. I was listening to you last night. Keep up the good fight. We Are The Resistance.

    Chris Edward says:

    Randell you're talking about if you want to see something or do something it's your right. Okay but with this Roe vs. Wade I don't believe women should have the right to abort their child in their last trimester they should do it only at earliest stage of pregnancy only. too many babies are being aborted every year over 300,000 that must stop.

    Care Bear says:

    Thanks for ur updates

    King Ahzi says:

    Your video last night was straight FIRE bro.

    James Ellison says:

    They wouldn't let me text in on your live stream so you would know that I was listening 😔

    Lucky Luchiano says:

    Nken vs Eric holder case. HAHAHA Eric holder used the same argument to deny an illegal immigrant 4 times. The SC nominee used that same case against the illegal immigrant seeking abortion. President Trump setup the democrats by picking Brett K for SC. If they keeping digging, it will come OUT.

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