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  • PVP Satirical Comments On Chandrababu Naidu In The Press Meet | YCP Latest Updates | Mango News

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  • PVP Satirical Comments On Chandrababu Naidu In The Press Meet over his statements on EVMs and spoke about how technology develops nowadays. For All Political and Latest News Updates Subscribe to #MangoNews
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    Prabhakar U. Prabhakar says:

    Ore Sodiga topic technology kadura evm tampering cheyyuchha Leda Dani gurinchi matladu

    Krishna Likhit says:

    Jai jail Jagan Friday star CBI actor

    Krishna Likhit says:

    I think women voted for Jagan who had CBI cases that's PvP logic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 chachipovali navaleka

    Krishna Likhit says:

    Kalatho chusava enta mandi line lo unaru chepu gudodaa

    Krishna Likhit says:

    PvP chepali nithulu Inka 😂 Sakshi lo vata undi and also big international fraud ,btw people nilchuni night vote Estey u dare to speak and hurt their feelings if evm is good then people r mad standing in line shut up ycp jail party

    royal sena says:

    😆😆😆 Delhi lo dengey manaranta Chandrababu ni😆😆😆….. padmavathi happies aa tiles esthnarataaa

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