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  • Pulwama encounter ends after 18 hours; three JeM terrorists killed

  • Three Jaish terrorists, including a Pakistani commander of the group involved in the attack on CRPF personnel, and an Army major were among eight people killed in a 18-hour encounter in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Monday. Watch this video to know more.

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    anchal singh says:

    Check kashmir houses. You might find a tunnel leading to Pakistan.

    jm says:

    I. Inter
    I. In
    A. Asia

    Deepak Basty says:

    Uda do pakistan ab…really usi din part dunga

    Amrita Mishra says:

    Jo jo saccha desh bhakt h aur vo bharat se pyaar krta h vo like kro Pakistan mc Pakistani bc Pakistan mc Pakistani bc Pakistan mc Pakistani bc….

    Rshdz Sub says:

    Simple Questions regarding #LethopraSuicidalAttack Pulwama
    1. Where are the body parts of attacker?
    2. How was the attacker driving in the wrong lane inspite of dividers and two way traffic, carrying 350 kg explosive in car,
    3. What was Tiago casspir of 110btln CRPF doing there at near-by diversion? 
    4. Is this a real voice of attacker in video, seems like dubbing and voice over lip sync which is not in sync with the video, sounds as if somebody was reading from a paper?
    5. The weapons shown in video are American made M16 with telescopic optic, LMG with night vision device and laser range finder, are these kinds of weapons available in valley? 
    6. Where did so many Ambulances come from just 5 mins after the blast?
    7. How after five minutes it was known and picture and video of attacker was uploaded in social media?
    8. How without investigation was it known in just 5 mins that IED was weighing 350kg blast and blame was put on Pakistan?
    9. Is this not a premeditated and doctored drama to gain votes on emotional basis and carry out another fake 'surgical strike' ?
    10. Was Pulwama an Inside Job?

    Sardar Usman Khan says:

    Ooooooooooooo hello shaheed Muslim hoty Hain
    Gaaaayee ka mutr peenyy wly ni

    Parvez Nadaf says:

    Instead of shooting down the Pakistani Fighter Jet, India should have arrested the pilot rather than killing him. Arresting and Questioning him was the right solution than committing a Sin of killing. If he has his own family, will India bring back their family member again? Ek haadse ke liye dusre desh ke auraton ko widhwaa karna Shobha nahi deta. Woh Bhi Ek Gunaah hai. Anyways, Jai Hind ❤️👍😞🙂

    Abhishek Minhas says:

    We lost our 4 brave soldiers to kill 3 terrorist.

    Yaser. khan says:

    Massod ab tere baari

    manoj gantasala says:

    Let's do another world War and clean the globe

    Jai hin says:

    Pathar marne wali ko goli maro,,, shoot that damads

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