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    kroikye says:

    It has taken me quite a While to Wrap my Head around the Full Truth of Historicism, but I will give it a Try to get you on Route to the Truth Angie. The Early Protestants ( Luther, Tyndale etc. ) ALL believed that the Roman Catholic Church was the Mother of Harlots of Revelation 17, and the Great Majority also believed the Papal Dynasty was the Prophetical Antichrist. The Papacy Knew that the First Step of the Counter Reformation Had to be to CHANGE that Belief that Rome was the Antichrist. That is if Rome were to ever rule Again. Thats why 16th Century Jesuit Theologian Francisco Ribera founded a New View of Prophecy called FUTURISM. This New View taught that the Antichrist would be a Person Far in the Future, this New View Cleverly Exonerated the Papacy from being the Little Horn Power. And another Jesuit ( called Bellarmine I believe ) produced Another view on Prophecy called Preterism. This taught that Nero was the Antichrist, so this also Exonerated the Papacy from being the Man of Sin. The Reformers Laughed about these things, but at the End of the 19th Century ( 3 Centuries later ) Darby and Scofield started Teaching Futurism, and Now Little more then a Century Later almost the WHOLE American and Western Church has been fooled by it. The HE in Daniel 9:27 is the Messiah, NOT Antichrist like Futurism teaches. Scroll down on this Page and read the Commentaries: http://biblehub.com/daniel/9-27.htm And " He confirmed a Covenant with many " was the Messiah and His Apostles Confirming the New Covenant with the Jews ! And the Messiah was " cut off " Murdered AFTER the 69 weeks, After as in Sequence not an Exact time given yet. The Exact Time is given : " In the Middle of the Week ( the 70th week ) He causes the Sacrifices to Cease ( Cease to be Valid / Necessary )".By His ULTIMATE Sacrifice of Himself ! the 70th week was perfectly fulfilled by Jesus and His Apostles, there is No " 2000 year Gap " between the 69th and 70th week. If there is then Show me the Gap from the Text of the Bible ( KJV )…..? If you can Show me, I will give you 10.000 Dollars. Good luck and God bless

    Gerald Boxer says:

    No kidding! Can't wait to show them off! You are so right it takes a lot to break through the "hypnotic brainwashing" of the NWO Jesuit witches!

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