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  • Prophecy News Update France – Notre Dame burns to the ground

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    Stephen Dennis says:

    The teaching of the Millenium where Our Lord rules on earth, is a false teaching. In the 2000 years of Church teaching (Catholic, the only true Christian Church and the only one that existed for 1500 years until the heresiarchs like Henry VIII and Luther) there was never such a teaching. It is a misinterpretation of the Sacred Scriptures and a perfect example of why no one can interpret Sacred Scripture for themselves. The Church is the sole authority. It was the Church that compiled the Bible in the first instance. Remember the constant teaching of the Church, outside of the Church, there is no salvation.

    Greg Moldovan says:

    I cannot believe I found this so fast. I will look up this "burning of churches" last week in France. Very good job with your facts and I pray more people find your channel.

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