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  • PM Barrow Gives Latest Update on I.C.J. Referendum

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    Cabinet met late this afternoon at the prime minister’s office here in Belize City, a departure from its usual meeting place at the Sir Edney Cain Building in Belmopan. High on the agenda was government’s strategy going forward in respect of the postponed referendum, ahead of a scheduled House meeting this Friday. But what’s the tempo among members of the Barrow administration on the heels of successive losses in the high courts? News Five caught up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow following the meeting and got a feel about the pulse of his senior officials after Monday’s defeat at the Court of Appeal, which caught them by surprise. Now that the dust is settling, prime minister says cabinet is optimistic that the passage of a new legislation this Friday will be guaranteed and that the I.C.J. referendum will proceed in the upcoming weeks. He expects that the government side will all vote yes. The state of play after the Court of Appeal’s decision, says PM Barrow, is a mixed bag.


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