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  • NEWS UPDATE Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption Lava Report for 10/24/2018

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  • Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption News Update Report for 10/24/2018

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    Mary Freeman says:

    Thank you Charles, I like the way you report the news.

    KARIN Bennenbroek says:

    Great update Charles and thank you for keeping up with your close monitoring. It's all so interesting and I have learnt so much 🙂

    Pamela Bussey says:

    Thanks Charles

    Marlea BD says:

    Excellent report and analysis Charles! Glad populated areas are still not under known immediate threat at this point. Hopefully it will still be a long time before any populated areas get lava or even a strong earthquake again.

    Jan Apps says:

    Thanks Charles 😊👍🏼 I felt Vibration one evening when we were staying Hawaiin Beaches a couple of weeks ago , I like to think it was just the waves crashing against the lava rock 😬

    Lizz Hernandez says:

    I know exactly what you mean with every little bump, 😣 living in california and having lived through good sized quakes has me feeling the same way 😁. Thank you for the update, get some rest.

    john wallace says:

    Mongoose.. Mongoose.. need more Mongoose hehe

    john wallace says:

    OMG… If the US issued a world wide warning of a comet going to crash into our planet,they should get you to do the announcement , lol yes I knew I am going to die but the voice is telling me that is everything is fine hehe

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