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  • Mutual Funds Weekly Update April 2019 | MF Weekly Update | News & Updates on Mutual Funds

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  • This week’s Mutual Fund update consists of the ups and downs of the industry in the Equity, Debt and Hybrid categories, so that you can stay up-to-date with all the categorical performances.

    This time, the analysis covers Large Cap funds, analysing the top performers and losers of the last year and what was their consistency in achieving this performance, based on 21 different observations.

    The final section deals with all the important headlines of the mutual fund industry, such as HDFC, ICICI and SBI Mutual Fund houses becoming the top 3 in India, SEBI’s proposal for a regulatory body to monitor mutual fund distributors and supervisors, RBI’s repo rate cuts, rise of SENSEX and NIFTY to an all-time high, and launch of new IPOs.

    Stay updates with our Weekly Wrap-ups so that you don’t miss all the important information that pertains to this week’s mutual fund updates.

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    Anjan sai kumar kanamarlapudi says:

    Hi sir also please give the same 1 year analysis and consistency performance analysis for the multicap category…

    Yogesh Darji says:

    Expense ratio par video banao

    Ankit Singh says:

    Ser kya mai kisi bande ke trow mf open karwa saktha hu kya online sahi hai ya kisi ke trow

    Dev Nath Bouri says:

    Best update.

    Satyajit Dey says:

    apka samjhana bohot acha hain

    Koushik Halder says:

    Mirae asset india equity fund changed to large.cap fund…Plz give portfolio over lap if MAIEF/MALCF +MEEBCF

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