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  • Karachi Circular Railway (part-4)| Construction work on KCR| new update on KCR

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  • Hello friends,
    Construction work on Karachi Circular Railway is in progress,in this video you can watch current running work on KCR Pakistan. A large number of I- beams has been constructed at Wazir mension Railway station for KCR track replacement. Karachi Circular Railway has been completed up to Gulbai/masroor base after that it will lead toward shershah,site area,nazimabad,liaquatabad and so on.
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    Saleem Khan says:

    Boht mushkil lgta ha complete hona abhi Tak gulistan e johar Hasan squre par koi b Kam nh hwa liaqatabad par b kch nh hwa

    abdullah mashkoor says:

    وزیراعظم تو کہہ رہے ہیں کے سرکلر ریلوے کے لیے جاپان سے مدد کرنے کو کہیں گے اور آپ یہ کام ہوتا ہوا دکھا رہے ہیں اگر ایسا کچھ ہوتا تو حکومت خوب پبلیسیٹی کرتی سرکلر ریلوے کا کوئی کام نہیں ہو رہا

    Mazahir ali says:

    ye dekh kr afsos hoa ha isy metro train ke tarz pr banana chaea tha track double hona chaea tha lanat ha in pr

    Mathematics Asad says:

    track should be double

    Mathematics Asad says:

    all encroachment should be removed

    Standard says:

    Nicely explained notice of encroachment should be served all of them

    Ahmed Allahwala says:

    Good work brother carry on Allah bless you

    Nadiaadil Nadia says:

    Matlb k abhi KCR per koi kaam shoro nhi howa hy ye to masroor base ki line Dali hy ab tak awam k sath dhoka hy koi kaam shoro nhi howa hy bahi sahab. Thanks for information. Adil Mustafa

    King 4 Kureshi says:

    Sir kya aap bata sakte hai ki KCR mai konsi trains use hogi

    Mohammad Rahman says:

    You doing a great job to updating the progress of KCR encroachment. Keep it up this great work. M.Rahman Adelaide, Australia

    Emon Amin Khan says:

    Please give details about blue line karachi bahria town

    Asad Ansari says:

    Thanks for information. A A from UK. I really enjoyed watching it.

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