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  • Just Kidding News Channel Update!! 2019

  • Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that the titles and thumbnails are gonna be tweaked a bit, but the general content won’t change! Let us know how you feel about it and if you think its better this way.

    Main Cast~
    • Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joejitsukawa
    • Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/bartkwan
    • Geo Antoinette: http://instagram.com/Geo_Antoinette
    • Tiffany Del Real: http://instagram.com/real_tiff
    Channel Manager~
    • Jessica Caldwell: https://www.instagram.com/jess_michelle512
    Assistant Producers~
    • Brandon Choi: https://www.instagram.com/bchoii/
    • Julia Chow: http://instagram.com/xblueapplez

    • JUST KIDDING FILMS: http://youtube.com/justkiddingfilms
    • JUST KIDDING PARTY: http://youtube.com/justkiddingparty
    • JOE’S CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/joejitsukawa
    • BART & GEO’S CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/GeovannaAntoinette
    • BARBELL BRIGADE CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/bartkwan
    • TIFF & CASE’S CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/TiffandCase

    • INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jkfilms
    • FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JustKiddingFilms/
    • TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JKFILMS
    • MERCHANDISE: http://justkiddingfilms.bigcartel.com/


    Kevin Arango says:

    Awesome guys I love the idea

    Halley Rai says:

    I wanna know whem bobby lee is in

    mts says:

    But what if it turns in to spoiling the video experience

    DahPeetahLee says:

    Hopeful you will have a wonderful day!

    MrPillsbury310 says:

    Nice pease lmao

    David Soap says:

    I've been a fan since like 2014, keep up the good work!

    BinhFilms says:

    "and they don't even deserve it" 💀💀

    Curious Mindset says:

    "the time that joe almost shit on my front yard" – Bart … I think we all remember that story lol

    miavlogs43 says:

    Loving this idea & Just love JKN in general ❣️ Always looking forward to your videos.

    Fenya Acid says:

    This is very helpful!
    But i'm one of those who watches all your videos <3

    Trojan D says:

    What happen to JKFilms????

    Dirty Jawa says:

    Josh is wincest goals…….I wrote a comment JK

    Carlos Rivera says:

    Just Kidding News Channel Update!! 2019 ft. David So

    chunky soup says:

    YT demonetize bad titles now?

    Napoleon says:

    literally only writing this comment for jk to notice me

    HD Ramen says:

    But I only click on the videos bc of the features…

    naser al says:

    Why you’re wasting my time with this announcement. I already watch every video without even looking at the thumbnail or the title!!

    Anxiety says:

    jknews is the best 😀

    Thi Tran says:

    noooo don't take off the feature part! sometimes I specifically look for certain people to watch

    Christine King says:

    But still keep ft david so ONLY

    breakdown crossover says:

    Omg i love this, thanks for monitoring how shit works and thanks for working hard guys 🙏🏼

    Lucas Huang says:

    Bruhhh…. we don’t give a fuck. We watching all of em anyways!!

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