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  • JAMAICA NEWS Vybz Kartel Appeal Update | July 23, 2018

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  • Jamaica news july 24, 2018 (TVJ NEWS)



    Sumaiya Alhassan says:

    He is my role model. Ghanaian loves him sooo much u kept him long in that room now he is not an animal now i no that ur President is very wicked i swear

    Sumaiya Alhassan says:

    Plz u guys should bring vybz kartel out oooo am talking from Ghana

    Crystal Reid says:

    Jamaica justice system is so corrupt. I know a man who killed his wife who he had 3 sons with. Cut her up and throw her in a pit in which he admitted to and he got only 5 years and they trying to give Kartel life. I am just sicken by how this country try to punish who they choose to. Too much corruption.

    King Shaq says:

    those text messages are going to keep Kartel in jail 😌

    rabbi misuri says:

    free kartel mofo.

    Mark Grenville says:

    dem better free the world boss, the teacher, addi innocent right now

    Alexandria Caudill says:

    Free Vybz Kartel on GodBody

    black Jesus makaveli tha don says:


    Carla Waldron says:

    lawyers should ask how kartel talk in codes about gun and didn't about what they did don't seems right fi real ⏳⏰⌚

    Maggie Edwards says:

    Breach of secrecy when only disclosure would be in chambers to the judge ; failure to do so compromised the jury since there is no evidence what the juror disclosed ; transcript could have been created as a back up to the situation, what occurred but not factual to events

    Queen Angela McDonald says:

    Great visa wave for Africa

    Kevin Gordon says:

    If Jamaica wants to retain any kind of validity on this planet, they need to keep that killer locked up and stop bullshittin. Doesn't matter that he makes great music, he is a proven killer. He is right where he belongs.

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