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    Abdullah Al-samarraie says:

    #save_the_iraqi_peopl #Save_the_Iraqi_people

    Iraq without Internet and exposed to blackout media؛ fear of the world s reaction to the methods of violence and repression
    العراق يتعرض لحملة تعتيم إعلامية عن طريق قطع خدمة الانترنيت خوفا من ردة فعل العالم تجاه أساليب العنف و القمع .
    ساعدونا بطلب المساعدة لحماية المتظاهرين
    يجب على المنظمات الإنسانية في العالم معرفة ما يحدث في
    العراق لتتدخل لحماية المتظاهرين
    The situation in Iraq now is like that:
    The civilian are protesting against the government because of the miserable situation in Iraq, but the protest started totally as a peaceful protest.
    the government s answer is:
    – cutting of the internet service.
    – shutting down the electricity power in a lot of cities.
    – cutting the drinking water of.
    – shooting people on the street.
    The protesters are continuing their protest even though there a lot of people get killed by the government forces.

    Die Situation im Irak ist aktuell so:
    Die Zivilbevölkerung protestiert wegen der miserablen Situation im Irak gegen die Regierung. Der Protest startete als ein friedliche Demonstration.
    Die Antwort der Regierung:
    – Abschneiden des Internetdienstes.
    – Abschalten der Stromversorgung in vielen Städten.
    – Abstellen des Trinkwassers.
    – Erschießen von Menschen auf offener Straße.
    Die Demonstranten setzen ihren Protest fort, obwohl viele Menschen von den Regierungstruppen getötet werden.

    الوضع في العراق الآن هو كما يلي:

    المدنيون يحتجون ضد الحكومة بسبب الوضع البائس في العراق ، لكن الاحتجاج هي احتجاجات سلمية تماما.

    إجابة الحكومة هي:
    – قطع خدمة الإنترنت.
    – إطفاء خدمة الكهرباء في الكثير من المدن.
    – قطع مياه الشرب.
    – قتل كل من يقف في طريقهم.

    المتظاهرين يواصلون احتجاجهم رغم أن هناك الكثير من الناس يقتلون من قبل القوات الحكومية.


    Hi Nanoo,,, what you think when iriqi dinar value will increase?

    Ja B says:

    U said the 50 notes have been taken out of circulation. What if we hold 50k notes?

    michael vanderpool says:

    I believe it will go all digital so paper money won't have any value….. I don't want that but I've been thinking about it….
    MasterCard and Visa is out there and that's how they get paid no paper…..
    All around the world this game of Monopoly is coming to a head. Big reset for the world!!!!

    CryptoANYTHING says:


    Arlene Wilkins says:

    Thank You So Much. Enjoy Your Wkend with your family.

    Timothy Lynch says:

    Hey, 'Noo, thanks for everything, especially the prayers and blessings. I sure hope you're reserving a particularly appropriate banner for the actual RV announcement. Just sayin.
    Love you, buddy.

    Craig Harris says:

    Thanks Nanoo for the info! God Bless you and your family! 😊

    Dave Felber says:

    If you come to Chicago Dinner is on me that includes your awesome family

    Dave Felber says:

    Those of you that give thumbs down why do you even bother coming here go away start your own Feed 1000 thumbs UP NANOO

    Dave Felber says:

    Thanks Nanoo lots of work and I appreciate your hard work. God bless You and Your Family..

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