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  • IQD RV News Update (RANT# 289)

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    Frank Zwirba says:

    Did u get that Job..?

    Cody Bandy says:

    Determination of the implementation date of the 2019 budget
    . Monday or Tuesday the budget will be activated.

    Cody Bandy says:

    Some people still think the 25k dinar notes are going to be worth $25 when Iraq raises the value of their currency lol that's not true many people have bought the IQD and they don't understand how the investment works don't listen to them because their not educated lol

    Rigoberto Roacho says:

    I love the audio, sounds legit.

    Oona Goodman says:

    Where do you get 1190? I only found a rate of 1040!

    applegate1964 says:

    I pray you get this Job God is looking out for you Amen

    Dea Day says:

    Abba Father said He will hold no good thing from you. Believe and receive in Jesus name. Thanks!

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