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  • Instagram News – Instagram Algorithm Update April 2019

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  • Instagram News – April 2019 Algorithm Update has affected thousands of accounts and heavily impacted strategies to get the best reach.

    How to beat the latest April 2019 Instagram algorithm update with GOSO.io. Stay ahead of the recent algorithm change and go viral with GOSO PowerLikes services. WE DO NOT NEED YOUR PASSWORD!

    The latest Instagram algorithm change is shadow-banning and hashtag banning lots of accounts regardless of the fact they are using growth companies or not. They are also imploring people to stop using 3rd party likes & growth services that require your password as these are deemed harmful to the Instagram community.

    If you think your account has had a shadowban, follow this link: https://triberr.com/instagram-shadowban-tester

    If you are currently using GOSO.io services, you don’t need to worry. Our products are 100% safe as we do not require your password for PowerLikes, PowerViews, PowerSaves, etc. Plus, we only use accounts grown naturally for these services to ensure Instagram sees them as organic. If you are on one of our PowerGrowth packages, you don’t need to worry either, we don’t use your account to like spam and we always ensure maximum Algorithm compatibility.

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