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  • Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption News Update for 7/27/2018

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  • The Hawaii Kilauea Volcano East Rift Zone Eruption News Update Report for Leilani Estates 7/27/2018
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    iberia2006 says:

    Of all the channels that i've seen in Youtube, yours it's the best one that i've seen so far regarding the volcano events in Hawaii, very informative and interesting. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Portugal.

    Eugene Kelley says:

    Can you show the summit when this all started, followed by a picture of the summit today?

    Lady333333 says:


    4TIMESAYEAR says:

    Looks like it's significantly slowing down…the only problem with this is the hardening which could eventually obstruct larger flows in the future and cause overflows upstream and redirecting the flow onto more properties. It sure would be nice if it were about kaput, though….

    Mark Tumminello says:

    Channel level does look lower –
    is it possible path to ocean has become more optimized ?
    Is volume the same except channel is just emptying faster into the ocean ?

    The crusting is also very obvious as to decreased incandescence

    Nice report as always 👍🏼🎞

    Daniel Dulu says:

    If the collapse intervals continue to be longer then yes things are slowing down.

    SueTube says:

    Underneath the offshore laze there is some orange as if that is lava on the presumably shallow sea floor, do you think?

    MindWalkN NDB says:

    Do not let the lower level of lava to the stream channel edge fool you , one effect of this very hot lava flow is that it's melting down into existing rock making the lava channel deeper . .

    Dinn Cosart says:

    Excellent video Charles- your skills continue to be refined and More professional. Thank you for the continued effort!!

    Barbara J. R. says:

    You do a great job! It's all so interesting! Thank you!!

    Sparrow Godschild says:

    Thank you, Charles.

    AbelieverofourLord says:

    Thanks for your updates. Many Blessings to all

    All Things Harbor says:

    And another GREAT selection of images for the "Look At THAT There" segment. I know you must spend a great deal of time looking at images and videos to select the great items for your presentation – I truly appreciate your efforts. Your reports are the next best thing to being there.

    sunshine zydeco says:

    Thank you for an awesome update…you have a way of presenting with disclaimers, about a situation. Mahalo!

    yawninggreyhound says:

    always amazing! good catch on the ocean surface laze!

    k8eekatt says:

    Thanks for the great update!

    Jolana Wolff says:

    Thank you for all your information. Truly appreciated! I lived in Hawaiian Shores for a long time and have moved to the mainland for my grandchildren but am very interested in what's going on!

    dianne lavoie says:

    As always, a thoughtful, thorough report. You should perhaps also consider a bit of downtime, a la Scott. You've been hard at it. You can always pop back in if something important occurs. Love what you're doing.

    Dayle Long says:

    Thank you! Keep up the good work! Love your videos, you give more information than any news channel!

    Susan Stovell says:

    Thanks, this one was very informative and posses some good questions at the ocean end of things. One being the boats , just how far is safe if we see this kind of action. Another is the good land surrounded by lava, will you guys be able to work that land/live there/ continue to live there. Stunning picture of the lava river sowing the totally brown gas burnt vegetation and the lush green on the opposite side, just shows what the wind can do.

    David Stranz says:

    I wouldn't read too much into the long interval between the last two summit collapses. One data point does not make a trend. The collapses are a statistical phenomenon; they mostly occur with a 24-36 hour periodicity, but there can be outliers in either direction.

    I also think that the flow has not subsided to any great extent. The surges cause a large increase in the volume of the flow, which fills the channel to capacity. That builds up the levees on either side (as Charles points out of the levees near the F8 outlet), especially where there is a breakout or overflow. When the flow returns to normal after the surge, the receding lava cools and leaves behind a bit more wall. It only appears that the flow level is dropping; it's really the levee getting taller. The lava river itself could be eroding away the underlying old lava, just as a real river digs its channel deeper.

    Cynthia Streeter says:

    Love "Look at that there" feature!

    Michael Curran says:

    Your up date maps are a real plus in explaining the evens in real world time. Thank you for your efforts.

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