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  • Hawaii Civil Defense Kilauea Volcano Eruption News Update for 7/31/2018

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  • This is the Hawaii County Civil Defense Kilauea Volcano Eruption News Update Report for 7/31/2018 4:00pm
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    Jeff Franklin says:

    I think they need to fire the guy that does the civil defense message and hire you Charles you give it so much better and how much are they paying the mongoose I think he needs a raise

    Sue Hayes says:

    Watching steps, trees and a river. A change from the fissure #8 and lava stream.

    M Ladd says:

    Just wondering why am I watching a repeat of Hawaiian Civil Defense???

    pirate paul says:

    Bad environment! Get to the choppa!

    Angel Dust says:

    Thank you Charles …🐔🐔🌋

    LadyInKY says:

    Gotta say I Love it! You made me smile – Its Soooooo much better than the way it is written!

    Sharon Nelson says:

    Prefer eruption update without civil defense update.

    linda cantrell says:

    Lolololol…..I just watched it again! Love ya!

    Kenneth M says:

    Love the snarky take on the, otherwise boring, daily civil defense update! They should hire you to read it. Walking down the path at Akaka Falls was a nice touch. We’ve all seen enough lava for a lifetime 😘

    K Hammer says:

    I love it, they repeat themselves word of word. But it's better than bad news, yes? You are so fun. Thanks.

    linda cantrell says:

    When you made the comment about”barbecued chicken” I laughed so hard I scared my cat!! Beautiful opening video of the forest! I’m sure you never noticed all those bikinis!! Good report as always!

    Sharon Robinson says:

    Was that a mongoose?

    Oldrn Dirt says:

    Mongoose on patrol. 😄

    Janice Daily says:

    I got in second for once 🥈OK where is that walk? I want to avoid spots with skinny girls in bikinis 👙

    m frank says:

    You sound GREAT. Seems as if your state of mind got a good rest and is back to normal. Stay strong!

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