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  • Full Weekend News Update: Incident at Bar, Jussie Smollett, Good Samaritans etc

  • shoutout Chris Krzentz for the downtown walk, sub to him on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoMO93mA1RP7ZkpH5PXjgg


    GoldenBoiiProduction says:

    Speak to me ole toothless one

    TheShowgun OfChiraq says:

    She was a hitta from hank block 😂

    Corey Williams says:

    Have u found out anything about the girl killed in the 100S name Ambrii? Suppose to be from EBT.

    jt 12 says:

    We want you to do a q &a video

    R3DY SKUNKTEAM says:

    About that bar shooting 8 know the his babys mother. The guy that got shot in the neck and chest his name was marvin and his best friend got killed right with him as they wss going to get the car to leave . I dont CWN if you remember the white girl who got thrown from a project building back in the early 2000s he was one of the ones charged and he also had street beefs from being a actual hitter. Youve reported on the orland mall shooting and now this has been hitting real close to me and others around me…. Keep us updated

    Frikoulas says:

    What's your instagram?

    old school216865313 says:

    The fuck up thing was she was bragging about it y do u think she got hit 12 time and sum ppl from the o was talk About an alley-oop in an alley and making fun of her name and shit I'm a 80's baby these young cats tell on there self for the person that wants her Facebook I dnt give that info but there a person that makes u tube videos who told the story I'm shocked he get it right Google it

    old school216865313 says:

    She set up Waldo

    Free Sabot says:

    Where TF is Oprah on these cold ass days and nights!?

    Seems like a weak ass thing to hoax, but we have seen it before. But I don't get why he needs to hand over his phone? Fuck that. They can get anything they need from the phone company with his permission. They don't physically need his for for anything I can think of. Also, I been active in anti racist/anti fascist circles and activism for about 15 yrs and mad attacks happen where they don't even leave a scratch. The terror and the message is what they tryna send. Not necessarily to do harm. Depends on who ya end up dealin w tho. Idk.

    ray hanes says:

    Pretty sure had that fool ran down on CWN like he did ole girl at the bus stop, the result would have been the same.


    Allen Klaus says:

    Let’s get it

    Lady Love says:

    is El Hitta dead homie a Royal I noticed he got the name Skeeno on his forehead

    ray hanes says:

    Opps see a new CWN vid then they run up quick but when they see him in da field, real life, they be shook than a bitch. 👀

    My Moms Lover says:

    I got in to a fight once with some white trumpsters that was talkin shit to some indians on gold coast they be talking shit when they come out the club drunk as fuck but thats why they be getting their ass robbed all the time too

    Mad Max News says:

    Talk about Baby D more and his influence for the BDs before he was murdered.

    Mr G says:

    Old boy from empire on bs. Us white chicago trump supporters dont act that way. Foh

    Jacc Jacc says:

    Gud job sistah

    RedPill Satanist says:

    The Candice female is chasing clout. She don't care about them homeless peoples.

    Degenerates Like You Belong On a Cross says:

    Hate crime hoaxes are at an all time high

    chupa chorizo says:

    Go Candace!❤💯

    Gang Squad says:

    Someone shoots you 12 times, you did something.

    Mr. Nice Guy says:

    I though that was Queen Latifah..lol..

    powerfist80 says:

    She’s a role model.

    Lost In Da Sauce says:

    I saw you on IG flexin your dentures LMFAO

    Montrell Riley says:

    Yea nothing like KI

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