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  • French official shares latest details of Notre Dame fire

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  • Valerie Pecresse, president of the Ile-de-France, which includes Paris, on what is next in rebuilding the cathedral. Live updates: https://abcn.ws/2GkuQOV

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    Notre Dame: The national and architectural significance of the historic cathedral

    There are few monuments that are more distinctly French or more woven into the history of France than Notre Dame Cathedral.

    As images of the fire ravaging through the historic church sparked outcries around the globe, people from all walks of life are mourning.

    Its place in Catholicism is undisputed, as is its role in French history. It was the site of some of the most notable coronations, including that of Emperor Napoleon.

    Beyond the Catholics who attend mass there and the tourists who go to look for a glimpse of Quasimodo, the cathedral represents a landmark in Parisian life that is now likely permanently scarred, if not disfigured or ruined.


    Sandro Rayis says:

    They can't burn our hearts. JESUS IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA.

    IHUFS says:

    Is American journalist in blue a transgender? What is her name, who knows?

    IHUFS says:

    Arrest of Assange and then the burning of Notre Dame . It seems like God is fed up with the injustices and sends human race his message to stop that insanity!

    Sandy Scott says:

    Will come to Paris when you leave the EU….get your immigration under control …..make your country safe again….and get rid of Macron….until then, I’ll spend my $5,000 vacation fund at home.🇺🇸

    The goddamn veteran says:

    I guess god did not want to save the church.

    The Truth Channel says:

    The fact that 3 hours after it started they were calling it an accident means they know this is most likely related to terrorism.

    Book of shadows contributor Brian says:

    spire tired had too sit down ha

    C Jasz says:

    deport all muslims

    Red Burgundy says:

    RIP Nipsey Hussle…Ermias!

    Martial G says:

    Its a distraction for the Yellow vest, instead of protesting the government theyll be united for Notre Dame.

    JayOOfosho says:

    Is the anchor a transvestite????

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