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  • Face With Face WIth Kadiri CI Gorantla Madhav | YSRCP Latest News Updates | MOJO TV

  • Face With Face WIth Kadiri CI Gorantla Madhav | YSRCP Latest News Updates | MOJO TV

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    edagottu nagendra says:

    We are with you sir…..We will rock….

    D Ravi says:

    police anete elage undari

    Venkata Sathya says:

    Jai gorantla madhav

    golla anil kumar says:

    Jai Jagan johar ysr jai madav

    B Sangeeth says:

    Sir eppudu yeppudu political king jai Ysr Jai Jagan Jai madhav

    R J Vijay says:

    Super sir,Jai jagan.

    anuradha roddam says:

    All the best sir

    Janasainik Nenu says:

    Dongala party lo cherava babu… Inka ni asti enni vandala kotlu avutayi vechi chustam…

    Nisar MD says:

    No doubt
    Madhav garu will become the Leader

    Subhash Kandrapu says:

    All the best

    Damu Sunku says:

    Vachadayyo hero next hindupur mp….

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