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  • EOS Update: 80 Million Transactions, Block.One Wallet News + NEW CHANNEL UPDATE!

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    Today’s update we discuss EOS reaching a record 80 million transactions in a day, news regarding the Block.One wallet, as well as introducing you all to my new channel. If you are interested in my more non-crypto commentary on UBI and other issues, feel free to subscribe!

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    Andrew Yang & The Case For Universal Basic Income 2019

    Hey everyone, welcome to the channel!

    My name is Ezra Yao aka Crypto Dunker. I became interested in the topic of the UBI by covering the cryptocurrency EOS on my other channel:


    So in this video to kick off my second channel, I outline my reasons for why I believe Andrew Yang is right and we need a UBI in 2019. Feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts whether you agree or disagree. The only thing I ask is we keep it civil and productive. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this content, more will be coming soon!


    Crypto Dunker says:

    For those of you interested in the UBI commentary, check out the UBI video for my new channel here:

    athar saleem says:

    " fell in love & addiction of your channel "

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