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  • Defence Updates #420 – Pakistan Nuclear Triad, India Frigate Deal Final Phase, China CM-401 Missile

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  • Top 5 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today’s “Indian Defence Updates” episode are as follows :

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    1. Reacting To INS Arihant Milestone, Delusional Pakistan Claims They Achieved Nuclear Triad Way Before India.
    2. We Aren’t In Offsets; Please Don’t Bring HAL Into Rafale Deal Row: R Madhavan.
    3. China Reveals CM-401 Short-Range Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Designed To Dodge Enemy Defenses.
    4. Russia Talks With India Over Four Frigates In Final Phase, Says Russian Defense Contractor.
    5. Indian Army To Get More Firepower, Made In India K9 Vajra And M777 Artillery Guns To Be Inducted On Friday.

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    Hello Defence Lovers, #DefenceUpdates ke is episode No. 420 mai humne apko Indian Armed Forces se related latest Top 5 Indian Defence News & Updates btayi hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

    In today’s fresh “Defence Updates” episode No. 420 we have shared some latest Indian Defence Updates about the Great Indian Armed Forces which consists of Indian Army, Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.
    Here are the Top 5 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines for today in Hindi. Join us as we take a closer look at the Defence Updates #420.

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    This video shares today’s Latest Indian Defence News & Updates where Each & Every Indian Defence News & Indian Defence Updates are covered.

    General Bipin Rawat Biography | One Of India's Finest Army Chiefs (Hindi)

    General Bipin Rawat is one of India's finest army chiefs. Here is a short video about the life of 27th Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat.

    General Bipin Rawat, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, is the 27th Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army and has taken over the office on December 31, 2016. He has been appointed after General Dalbir Singh, who was relinquished from his appointment. He has been brought up by a family, who has been serving army for generations. For Rawat’s truly exceptional performance within MONUC, he was awarded the Force Commanders Commendation.

    Hello Defence Lovers, Yeh humari "Biography Series" ka first episode hai isme humne apko 27th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army General Bipin Rawat ki Biography btayi hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

    We have started a New "Biography Series"from today onwards where we try to tell you about those Defence Personnels who have been a role model to the soldiers throughout the country and continues to be an inspiration for many generations to come.

    Here in today's Episode #1 we are talking about the 27th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army General Bipin Rawat's Biography in Hindi. Join us as we take a closer look in the life of One of India's Finest Army Chiefs.

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    About : Defence Squad is a YouTube Channel where you will find videos related to the Great Indian Defence In Hindi.


    Defence Squad says:

    #MustWatch : Indian Navy Rafale Fighter – Should Indian Navy Buy Rafale Fighters? Watch Here :

    Mohd Taqi says:

    India wale bhuke aur nange hen whole world knows that Pakistan has way more Nuclear warheads than India. Pakistan has 150+ warheads but India has 120 to 130 warheads

    Rohit Kumar says:

    Porkistan is a Joke … China se Submarine khareedi nhi h. China ne Khud deploye Kari h . Appni summaries Porkistan k liye . Puri Porkistan country China k hath main hogi soon . Or India Ko 3 front war k liye prepared Rehna h . North front also going to bhi Chinese one . Porkistan khud ka khud nhi h kiraaye k terrorist deta h Dushri countries Ko laddne Marrne k liye.

    Yogesh Rajgor says:

    Mirage 2000

    randomnizer says:

    Modis works are starting to pay off

    Mathew Francis says:

    Mirage 2000 Aircraft

    Dhananjoy Biswas says:

    Mirage 2000

    Janti Saikia says:

    Ha ha ha.. JFThundar

    Sparkle dolls says:

    9k views in one hour !! A very good response. Well done defence squad ✨💖

    Karthikeyan T B says:

    Mirage 2000

    manas belsare says:

    Chutya Pakistan Bhanchote Pakistan… nothing… 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💩💩

    bilal khan says:

    @Defence Squad let me correct some of the facts. I am not here for any kind of abusive language please respond with facts I will really appreciate that.
    1. First of all babur was designed in mind that in future it will be launched from submarine and since pakistan don’t have nuclear submarine so the size was kept compact to fit in conventional submarine 533mm torpedo tube .
    2. Pakistan has 3 augusta 90b submarines which has the same 533mm torpedo tubes used for Babur cruise missile.
    3. This is also true that pakistan was testing chinese submarine and pakistan has already made the deal for 8 submarines
    4. Those chinese submarine was the same submarine which one fine morning popped up in karachi port which went through directly under indian navy nose and when indian intelgense reported the sub than indian navy woke up
    5. Since Babur is can be nuclear tipped and its already operational all three forces on land with pakistan air force( with the name of RAAD) and you can easily find pakistan navy Babur test video on youtube also check date when those videos were published you can easily verify when pakistan completed its nuclear Triad

    I hope someone will respond me with facts and positive discussion and if you don’t want to see facts than to keep you happy like a big dum child 👶 (India is best in every field from the whole world! Happy now?)

    Knowledge Enthusiast says:

    What about mine sweepers?? any new news??

    sandeepkumar panda says:

    Mirage 2000

    Ranganath Rush says:

    Mirage 2000

    ankit shukla says:

    Mirage 2000

    Mukesh Anganne says:

    Bc roti karidne ke liya paise nahi, PM jaga jaga bhik mag Raha hai aur SSBN ki sath nuclear triads karenge Pakis chutiye….

    Partha Ghosh says:

    Mirrage 2000

    suresh kumar says:

    Rahul Gandhi chutiya hai

    Amit Bishnoi says:

    Ins viraat ke retire hone pr sea harrior or sea King helicopters ko kahan deploy Kiya jayega

    Sh ivaa says:

    Chaloo 1 baar kee liye maan bhi lete hain Pakistan kee pass Nuclear Triad hain Halaki kii Nuclear Submarine nahi hain boo alag baat hain 😂😂😂😂😂jamin see bhi Nuke chala sakta hain lekin Air see kaisee Chalyega…Air wala Factor kaha hain…unkee too kisi Fighter jets nee aisaa test nahi kiaa hain Air see Nuclear Capable Misial Chalake jaisaa Hamare Brahmous Air version auur Su 30mki kee sath hamne kiaa thaa🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔sochne walii baat hain

    hamza alvi says:

    O Indian you are super power I confessed that. 😂😂😂😂

    lovely clips says:

    Bai, aap ki video par kabi add nhi aate

    ADIN LOUIS says:

    That plane is Mirage 2000

    Hitman says:

    Ye Pakistani chootiya hi rahenge

    sunny sandy says:

    Hafiz saeed ka lund chus chus ker pakistani chutiye ho gaye hai

    AYUSH KUMAR says:

    Mirage 2000

    joginder sagar says:

    Yr kbhi pta chalta h k pakistan k pass paise nhi h .. mtlb inka weapons purchase krne wala account alag h kya jo usme paise ki kami nhi h

    Irfan Khan says:

    BABUR ko azmana chahte ho tou ajao 5 ment main India tabah kar denga insha ALLAH

    Ashu Shukal says:

    Mirage 2000

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