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  • Dec 1 border news update


    MrTommyboy9 says:

    29 on this Video to….

    Christina Bugatti says:

    the Real Americans need to sue for having to put up with bull shite…

    Terri Paul says:

    UN is the problem

    CRAVEMAN6154 says:

    Hey BC I love ya like a brother man , be here with for a while now , agree with you 99.9% of the time . Please let me give you some advice that I've been giving a lot of folks the past few years .Please for the love of Pete stop referring to
    OUR REPRESENTATIVES as our leaders , if everybody would do this one simple thing the asshats we're talking about might just start getting the clue as to what their actual roles are in this REPRESENTATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC we call the u .s. of A .
    The last thing these fukers are are leaders , they're all order followers , they just aren't following OUR orders anymore .
    And this is JMHO if they don't start soon they will all find out what true ANARCHY looks like.
    It really can't go on this way any longer.

    Trackrock says:

    This is an ideal situation for the use of bioweapons.

    Stephen Maddaloni says:

    UN's in Chicago. Lol

    7.62x39 7.62x54r says:

    deep state is desperate, caravans. gm closing to hurt trump, cause supporters to lose heart, even though they’ll take a financial loss. Next, blue helmets, sleeper cells, who knows. Great video BCP

    Wheelchair Warrior says:

    ♿♿Thanks for the update ♿♿

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