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  • Original file date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014, ID:tt7re9

    FARR WEST — A new park here will include a community fishing pond that will be stocked by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The Smith Family Park incoporates 27 acres being developed at approximately 4000 North and 2000. Chris Penne from the state DWR told the city council recently there are 45 ponds in developed area’s throughout Utah that are stocked regularly for the fishing pleasure of area residents. He said recently the DWR worked closely with Roy on their fishing pond. “This will bring fishing closer to home,” said Penne. He said the pond at the Smith Family Park is a workable idea, with the DWR stocking the pond with channel catfish, trout, bass and blue gill. Farr West City will be responsible for maintaining the park and grounds around the pond. Herbicides to control growth of moss will also need to be paid for by the city. Penne said the DWR has some great partnerships with cities throughout Utah with ponds such as the one in planning phase for Farr West. He said they are a great way to pass on the legacy of fishing. Penne said the city should dig the pond as deep as it can. He said most ponds have a depth of 6-8 feet. Councilman Paul Dinsdale asked what would happen to the trout in the pond when very warm weather hits the area, as these type of fish thrive in cool temperatures. Penne said chances are they will have been fished out of the pond by then, and will be re-stocked when the weather cools again. Some of the other fish stocked will not be as sensitive to the warmer temperatures and can survive through the summer. A hydraulic windmill to oxygenate the water is included in plans for the pond. Councilman Boyd Ferrin said the pond will be part of the irrigation system for the park. Bert Smith and his family of Smith and Edwards store donated the land for the park, valued at $1.2 million according to Mayor Lee Dickemore. They are also donating funds for the horseback riding and warm up arena at the park, which may include bleachers and chutes. There may also be a gravel area for loading and unloading horses. The tentative plans for the park also include a walking path, tennis and pickleball courts, a place to pitch horse shoes and three restrooms as well as storage sheds for equipment. It is a long, narrow piece of land and does include a cell phone tower the city will have to plan how to landscape around.


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