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  • CNN Situation Room 2/8/2019 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Feb 8, 2019

  • CNN Situation Room 2/8/2019 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Feb 8, 2019
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    Sharon Sanchez says:

    For any answer I would already know the answer. Somebody, knows already. And if he's so hostile and un-cooperative already he's inviting to be checked out Popcorn or not…

    Carl Watson says:

    You old as dirt you raggedy ass b** your mama should be ashamed when she had your raggedy ass your daddy should have been shot for having you fake news CNN fake news CNN fake news CNN fake news CNN I hope all horrible things happened to CNN and their families over and over I hope 2019 comes down on the Democrat and their supporters and CNN and their people so hard there's no recovery that would be a great great glorious day fake news CNN fake news CNN fake news CNN fake news CNN fake news CNN

    patricia Hemelesi says:

    I think these people did a very poor job of closing the loopholes. When Whitaker took his very long pauses I do know he's thinking through the loopholes. He said he didn't talk to Trump or any senior White House aides, but he didn't say that he didn't provide written information to Trump or written out of the White House aides he didn't say that I didn't talk to Trump's lawyers who would not be senior White House officials. Just a lot of room for communication that they did not think to close the loopholes on.

    einnoc rellaw says:

    Gotta love Whittacker !!! Mr. Chairman I think your 5 mins. is up LMFAO !! Whittacker was having SO much fun with the Dems!! Poke fun of them.. they will screech and have their childish temper tantrums. Whittacker actually enjoyed every moment of that hearing as did every TRUMP Supporter. The moment when a Republican Congressman had to remind the Dems in Congress that they are merely Congress members not Senators!! Dems are now learning why we wanted control of the Senate versus Congress. Tick… Tock… we control the Senate.. Watch what is coming up soon !! ♥ MAGA ♥

    Debra Clinkscale says:

    Bezos ROCKS!!! Stand up to those crooks. I respect the hell out of Jeff Bezos and I wish him luck in connecting the dots back to the crooked fake president.

    elvoray says:

    This Zombie still alive and on CNN? Well….. it is CNN.

    Genevieve Words says:

    You talking heads believe all the bull shit from another white person eho knows how to bull shit!

    Genevieve Words says:

    Gave Pecker a Royal Dimner. Gave the Sports Champions McDonalds. Trump is a real class act – NOT!

    opticalprism says:

    What I want to know is, how did CNN receive the indictment to raid Roger Stone's house 24 Hours before it happened, and how CNN had a news crew outside Roger Stone's house 50 minutes before the raid? Mueller investigation is corrupt and should be shut down immediately!!

    Hanafi Nasir says:

    CNN are so crazy want to know about people private.who the fuck they this CNN.

    Hanafi Nasir says:

    Who the hell are you want to know my personal private.you not my wife.wtf freak busy body to my personal private.you Crepy and liar about everything.CNN and other will be doom soon.

    Hanafi Nasir says:

    What for tell you my private personal??.for what idiot??.if my private want go happy birthday with girlfriends wtf you want know??.you must crazy and idiot

    Dr. Haider Bhuiyan says:

    Make no mistake, you must not let him go away by acting in contempt. He should be charged for such behavior. Otherwise, rests will just follow him and the whole process will become no less than a fiasco, shameful for the nation, constitution and the Congress.

    Jas Singh says:

    Trump Lackie

    Chandra Gallashaw says:

    Shutdown Whitaker NOW!

    Todd Taliaferro says:

    Every single thing Trump does is harmful to someone. Appointing unconfirmed Whitaker is wrong as can be. How long does he plan to be "acting" Attorney General anyway?

    His entire cabinet is a running joke and half the country acts like this crazy shit show is somehow normal.

    I refuse to watch Fox "News" but I can't help wondering how Fox can possibly spin all this insanity so it looks like Trump is doing a great job. 'Cause his base sure seems to think he is.

    I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and realize this is all just a crazy dream.

    Chandra Gallashaw says:

    Shelia Jackson got down on the alcoholic water bottle consumer Whitaker

    Desmond Huggins says:

    Nothing about Venezuela..?

    Big Balls says:

    If you believe whitaker hasn't talk with Trump on the Mueller investigation your a fool. Trump is up on moves made by Mueller. YES, whitaker told trump about the investigation coming to a close before he went to the media with it.
    What we saw today from whitaker was from the trump play book. This is called the piss off play, get everyone pissed and fillabus all question.
    You want America back, get trump out of the top office in America now before he does what he's out to do to this country. (America is bleeding).

    Greg Foster says:


    SportzNow1 says:

    Trump not going in the fitness room is Breaking News at CNN. LOL WOW

    Les Field says:

    The White House fitness centre now has Golden Showers. They will do anything to get Trump there. 🎃

    steve cook says:

    Anyone who is connected to Trump should be hooked up to a polygraph before being questioning ! Matt should be disbared then HUNG!

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