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  • Brexit March on Sunday News Update (live on Facebook earlier)

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  • Unity News will be LIVE mostly on Facebook but will get a video up on YouTube as well!

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    ozzimo009 says:

    Keep in mind that mainstream has encouraged opposition to turn up and show opposition, this under the current political climate is irresponsible….. "it's a setup"… for what's it's worth I will be keeping a close eye on this and documenting it.. I am going to start up a channel on utube and show what I document…

    ozzimo009 says:

    I will be documenting the day with photography and video.. I will be keeping my eye open for any provocation from the other side. Interesting that the uk main stream media has labeled this as a far right March., which as we know is then viewed as racist !. I wouldn't be surprised if the narrative provoke .. stay safe and don't be pulled into confrontation…

    Brian Little says:

    I'm bald I've got loads of tattoos but my knuckles do reach the floor yet!mind you if my knees get any worse then my knuckles will be a bit nearer the ground but I am in my mid 70s so that's my excuse.

    Grey Chip says:

    the deep state are going to go to cause trouble so the media will make out of though its the brexit marchers. The deep state are everywhere and we need to call the coppers out who'll be out in disguise, film them and put them on YT etc. From Halifax pal.

    Just Another Bloke says:

    See you in Whitehall, can't walk far due to dodgy feet and hips.

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