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  • Breaking News , Caravan update: Trump Slams The Door On Them , migrants reach US border at Tijuana

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    Breaking News , Caravan update: Trump Slams The Door On Them , migrants reach US border at Tijuana

    Sitting on the floor of a crowded white tent in the middle of a Mexico City sports stadium, clothes and sleeping bags clumped all around her, Maribel Ponce Hernandez had a message for US President Donald Trump.

    “I think he’s never wanted for anything, he’s always had it all. That’s why he can’t look at us with pity,” says the fiery 46-year-old. “But I don’t judge him. It’s God that will deal with him.”

    Read more: Bound for US, migrants gamble with their lives on the ‘death train’

    Hernandez, who is traveling with her four children, aged 11 to 25, is one of nearly 5,000 Central American migrants currently passing through Mexico towards the United States, in the hopes of finding a better future. President Trump has promised to meet the migrant caravan with up to 15,000 troops at the border, and on Friday, issued a proclamation suspending asylum rights for migrants who try to enter the US illegally.
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    Donna Mason says:

    Tijuana is not the only crossing. It runs from tip of Texas to California. I will donate to help.where is your compassion, forgiveness, friendliness, generosity, kindness, loyalty to the Lord of Lords, King of kings. Plus tolerance.

    jake E says:

    i,ll bet they put the women and children ahead in the line, still breaking the law, child endangerment even before they get in-good parents

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