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  • Authorities provide update on synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

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  • Authorities provide update on the attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that claimed the lives of 11 people and wounded six, when suspected gunman Robert Bowers allegedly opened fire at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

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    siham rahman says:

    Hold on a second! Where’s all the people that would of made thousands of comments if the guy was a Muslim?
    Cristian terrorist murdered innocent Jews and its hardly on the news
    If it was a Muslim who done this disgusting act then we would see it on the news for a month non stop minimum

    WhiteSeaLeviathan says:

    he starts with GOOD MORNING lol


    wow enemies on the streets of Pittsburg, PA sad story. I thank you and everyone who took to helping out the people. That is so great the medics did what they knew they needed to do.

    Abe Ybarra says:

    Baruch Goldstein – 1994 – Hebron Massacre

    Jmriccitelli says:

    Israel bombed a Palestian hospital this weekend. They also steal land DAILY

    Belle R says:

    my heart goes out to the familys just terrible

    Hod D says:

    They did 9/11 and killed jesus they probably faked this to they are Jewish supremacists that try to gather sympathy they do nothing but lie never went to the moon trumps theatre and every last one of them are damned to the lake of fire

    Steven Doran says:

    He’s a hero,release him and give him a medal 🏅

    Earthling says:

    Sorry but a lot of us just ain't buying this crap.

    MusicSimply says:

    I feel so sorry for these people who got killed for doing nothing. Like, people shouldn’t be getting killed for worshipping a religion. Idk but like I am Christian, and a snoyguge is a important place for Jewish people or for anyone like evil will never overpower Good, and I’m not going to worry cause I know Jesus is in control, and evil can’t ever be overpowered cause God is way more powerful than ever. I just give my prayers to the people who were shot and to give peace during this time.💕💕

    Rey Kenobi says:

    jewish murders during midterms. with glocks and “ AR-15”. how convenient. ….of course it was an ar-15 right??? One of these days the Democrat puppet master behind all of these horrible crimes with have his judgement day. These shootings always happen at the most convenient times for the dems… you cant deny it. open your eyes people…

    Royyy McRoy says:

    Take the guns away, all of it. Anyone who is seen with a gun should be shot on the spot. It’ll will save lives and make police work easier. Abolish the 2nd amendment Noooow!

    Phoenix says:

    OMG, entire swat team could not take down a gunman! May God bless America!

    John mar says:

    Where di he buy/get those guns? So we can boycott if corners were cut in the application process.

    mrearly2 says:

    So, have the authorities gotten their lies sorted? They must ensure that the brainwashed masses are swallowing the "truth", for success in this latest mind control op.

    Lord 80 says:

    Jews are no semitic people!!! They are not in the bloodline of Sem but they are in the bloodline of Cain and Essau

    Lanner Playing in a Autistic 'Verse says:

    This is tragic, and I wish for the best for the families and community harmed.

    That said, don't give misinformation. An AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle, AR stands for Armalite Rifle. The Media needs to leave the families alone and not convolute information for ratings.

    To the First Responders everywhere, you are pillars of our communities, of our nation. Thank you for what you do.

    Chuck Longino says:


    bella roja says:

    Standard deep state SCRIPT – ZERO detail released to public, LE/FBI kisses it's own a–, AND THE COPS WAITED AN HOUR BEFORE GOING IN – LEAVING THE VICTIMS DYING! Just like Vegas, Parkland HS, and Orlando, where the cops waited 3 HOURS while the maniac ranted and murdered 30 more victims!! SET UP, ORCHESTRATED BS.

    Brian Stelter says:

    This is what you get with a hate-filled Administration president. Hitlter's Germany all over again.

    Chana Bayla says:

    As a jew while everyone else is praising law enforcement they should comment on the fact this happened because of the lack of law enforcement

    Mathy Don says:

    what's with all the white terrorism of late? Why isn't anyone acting to stop these people? Oh, right… Trump

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