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  • ABC News Live: Thailand cave rescue update, Trump at NATO summit

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    Hello says:

    "We Are The World" thank you very much.

    คุณ ดิฉัน says:

    Jame longman so handsome

    cvmiata says:

    is there anywhere thats not a news network having video of this!???

    tommyloveplit says:

    we miss him hope james come back thailand again

    aleth romanillos says:

    Wow … One of my bucket list is to go somewhere in this place and see your place🙏🏾🌈

    TheGraydoggy says:

    James has done a great job, hopefully Thai famer could export the "best pineapple"in the world to the world market.
    And of cause ABC news cannel will get a lot of Fan fromThailand! ^^

    Million of thanks

    Raymond Stemmer says:

    It's so amazing these kids have been released days ago and this is live did they get lost in another CAVE ! Kids never learn !

    UncleSam1776 says:

    I wish success these kids of Thailand and good luck with his future.

    Noe Berengena says:

    First a story (2:35) where we all feel good and share a common humanity. Then to Europe, where one blowhard bully sucks up all the oxygen in order to assert his self worth.

    Heath k says:

    The girl in the red dress needs some help it was ruff watching her.

    Bonnie Etheredge says:

    God was with them all the way my heart was touched for the ones that risk thier lives oh beautiful to see pepole from every country praying for thier rescue


    Notice how she says he continues to SLAM our allies? It can't be a discussion can it because that isn't mean enough. MSM, we are sick of your bullshit

    krelfurnace says:

    FoxPravda faking concern for children separated from their parents in cave — while Trump kidnaps thousands of children and scatters around the country. Trump deserves 50 years in prison for every child he has kidnapped. Hard labor. That's on top of the death penalty he deserves for treason.

    Vera Scroggins says:

    Trump is controlled by Russia….he can't blame Germany since he has ties with Russia.

    WhiteGangster400 says:

    The left can’t meme

    jason okwaho says:

    This story is so overplayed while news reports very little on Japans flooding where there's 100s of people that died from the floods there.

    Jalan Rina says:

    Hope everybody has chance to visit the white temple in chiang rai. It is one of the most beautiful temple in the world

    Lelja Hocevar says:

    who cares about NATo anyway, leave Europe Trump, you are not welcomed here

    Abdullah All Mahfuz says:

    Too much drama going on

    kaNaan Youssarian says:

    Amen praise God

    Dennis Arlan says:

    Hello.. Thailand'..from USA..we love you and have been praying for your (boys)…wishing you love peace and Glad they made it out. You brought the whole world together for 2 weeks thank you ❤️

    Dennis Arlan says:

    That will probably be the most (woke).. moment in their entire life when they made it out of the cave.. movie will probably be pretty cool I will go see it.

    Yiṣḥāq David says:

    Lennon beat his kid., FUck he does not deserve to be on a stamp. Rich heroin addict that beat hid kid very badly.

    John A Vallone says:

    Now if ABC would just stop all the Trump bashing and race-baiting I would start watching again.

    karen lavelle Bilton says:

    thank s to all the brave rescuers not forgetting the poor guy that lost his life trying to save them god bless you all and bravery medals for the lot of the heros

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