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    Himmat Singh says:

    Namo Modi is great men

    Ananda Narzary says:

    Congress jindabad.

    Hardeep Singh Sehra says:

    Please let us know that ur leader's r also Elected in the state then why Samajwadi Congress BSP is opposing BJP ur the opponent's then why ur leader's r not stopping such liquor hooligans type activities U the BSP Congress Samajwadi wants TRP only u all r also the responsible respresentive leaders in ur state government this was happening in ur Elected state government also Only TRP by coming on TV channels U foolish leaders do good for state n nation

    IN THE FOND MEMORY OF SHADAAN By Saahil Rashid says:

    V good kill the terrroist and arrest those peoples u r helping them

    prabhakar dubey says:

    हर हर महादेव,जय गंगे माता की।❤️❤️

    prabhakar dubey says:

    दोषी वही है, जो शराब पीने का काम किया ।

    vicky keshri says:

    Ksmir ke mulle nai sudherege…..Randi k bachhe

    Abid Ali says:

    Shrm kro bygunah masoom logo ko shahed kr rhy ho

    prabhakar dubey says:

    चुन चुन कर मारो आतंकवादियों को ,जय हिंद ।❤️❤️

    Rush _cherry_girl says:

    Kya koi mere channel ko subscribe karega

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